Community Coins

Community Coins: Help the Community and collect coins along the way. Be rewarded for your help in the Community and beyond

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There are so many ways to engage and participate on the Blue Prism Community from replying to unanswered threads, sharing Community content on social media, writing a Product review, participating in a volunteering opportunity, attending events and much more.

Now you can be rewarded with our Community Coins whilst doing all of these things. Sound like fun?

Every time you successfully complete a Coin challenge, you will be rewarded with points and a Community Coin that will be visible from your profile. Points will also help you climb the Leaderboard.

Whether you're a new joiner or a Community veteran, we encourage you to get on this race to collect as many coins as possible and become the richest member of our Community!

1. Head to the coin challenges to see all the different actions you can complete to receive Community Coins
2. Once you complete an action, fill in the application form
3. We will review your application and reward you with Community Coins and points. Please note that if approved, coins may take up to 5 days to appear on your profile.
How many coins have you collected? Click here to see what you have achieved so far and keep track of your progeress.
If you have any questions or feedback about the Community Coins, why not post in the Community Chat
  • If you any ideas or suggestions regarding what you would like to see included in the program, why not submit an idea to the Ideas Portal

Competition time!

Collect the five highlighted coins posted here for a chance to win a prize

Join our monthly competition for a chance to win Amazon & Certifications vouchers. Here's how to participate:

1. Check the list of the 5 highlighted coins of the month and try and get them all!
2. Once you've applied for the 5 highlighted coins, let us know by dropping us a message here.
3. If you are one of the first five Community members to get all the 5 coins, you will receive a $30 Amazon voucher, to get rewarded how you want.

What happens if you already had those coins or if you're not one of the first five members? You still have a chance to win!
We will be selecting one winner at random between all our members who:
Have the 5 highlighted Coins of the month & Display in one of the most active member leaderboards for that month.

And without further ado, these are the 5 highlighted coins of the month:
- Love SS&C Blue Prism? Leave us a G2 review
-Love SS&C Blue Prism? Leave us a Gartner Review 
- Take the survey on our top ribbon/menu!
- Join the Product Research Program!
- Test your Decipher knowlege - Compleate the Blue Prism University crossword

*Terms and conditions apply. For full details, click here.

Climb the Leaderboard

Every time you collect a Community Coin you will receive points. The amount of points you get will vary among the different coins.

The more points you get, the higher position you will have in our Leaderboard!