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PowerShell command Installation

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07-21-2021 06:34

Instead of UI based installation, if we can install BluePrism via PowerShell commands with valid parameters, it would be helpful for IT team to schedule the automated installation for newly onboard person to team or during the version migration.

For the larger scale team it will be very useful.


2 days ago

I'm not sure if there is an option already for changing the installation path etc. options, because I have never seen any point of changing the default installation location & other values.

Anyway, I have installed BP with the default installation values for years remotely with PowerShell by using variations of following script:

$file_path = {full file path of the installation file}
Start-Process msiexec.exe -Wait -ArgumentList "/i $file_path /q" -PassThru

And a BP server connection can be configured with following PS -command:

&"C:\Program Files\Blue Prism Limited\Blue Prism Automate\Automate.exe" /dbconname "Friendly name" /setbpserver "Server Name" "Port number"

2 days ago

Jeremy, why not start this project and open with everyone here, I believe it would be a good idea of ​​collaboration

2 days ago

I can confirm that this is INDEED possible via PowerShell scripts. An incomplete list of variables that would need to be set prior to execution would be things like the path to the BluePrism installation package, the appropriate command line parameters to perform the install silently, the install path, the desired connection name, the name and location of the backend database to use, etc..

My recommendation would be to have 3 scripts in total, most of them being almost identical. The 3 scripts would only differ based on the intended functional purpose of the machine in application server, a runtime resource, or an interactive client (sometimes also used as a dedicated development workspace).

2 days ago

Nice Idea!!

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