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Scheduler - Processes should be auto arrange as per process completion sequence

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By: Malak Dudhia
10-22-2021 18:45

Hi Team,

I would suggest, Blue Prism should work on scheduler part.

Suppose - if we have around 15 to 16 processes in scheduler - User need to check one by one which process will process next on completion of current process and it is taking time and confusion as well.

Blue Prism should work on task for Auto Arranging the processes - sequence wise

It can provide more efficiency for controllers and support engineers who are handling the control room.

Suppose Right now, I have scheduler and it looks like below.

1)Login - Starting with this process.
2)P0 - Process on completion of Login
3)P2 - Process on completion of P1
4)P1 - Process on completion of P0
5)Logout - On completion of P2

Blue Prism should Auto Arrange the processes as per completion sequence  and It should be like below.


- I hope this idea can helps.

-With Best Regards,
Malak Dudhia


15 days ago

How would Blue Prism know which process is dependent on another?

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