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Preserve Exception Stage Historical Screen Captures

Last activity 08-18-2021 14:41
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07-20-2021 10:48

Presently we are capable of accessing the screen capture related to the latest exception stage via the control room per RPA Bot.

Viewing the screen capture of the latest exception stage executedIn a practical environment where the Bot's are executing queue based items, the exception stage is handled. Therefore the bot moves on to the next queue item available. 
When all the items in the queue completes a report is generated to the admin stating the status of each item.

Therefore if more than one queue item raise exception stages, then at the time of inspection by the system admin, only the latest exception stage screen capture per Bot is preserved.

The admin will not be able to have a graphical state of the the system or the environment for the exception stages raised by previous queue items executed by the same bot!

The snapshot of the environment will definitely lead towards quickly identifying the issue a bot is facing in most occasions.

Therefore it will be greatly beneficial to have a way of preserving the exception stage related screen capture per item key (historical screen captures)

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