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Show modifications to aaplication modeler in Object save history

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By: Andrzej Silarow
10-06-2021 11:59

Currently any changes to the Application modeler are not an audited event, and any modifications to elements (adding, deleting, modifying, etc.) need to be recorded manually as a separate action on the developer.

This can prove very troublesome when trying to debug an error with an Object, as well as a high risk from a Disaster Recovery perspective (unable to see which version had which changes done in order to roll back to the correct version).

Additionally, enforcing recording these changes manually adds a lot of extra work on the developers, skewing any development timeline significantly.

As the Application model is clearly recorded within the Object XMl (AppDef node), this information could be used to add to the audit log automatically, showing:
- Element name
- Element Id
- Attributes
And what were the changes done.


20 days ago

Additionally i would like to see the App Modeller changes when we compare the version histories side by side
I submitted an idea for that earlier

20 days ago

Yes, want that!

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