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BP Community Mentorship program

Last activity 08-09-2021 14:29
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By: Vipul Tiwari
06-05-2021 08:53

Contribution, building strong bonds, nurturingopenness and learning have always plays a great role in our community.

BP Community Mentorship Program can bring together learning, trust and contribution in a space where mentors and mentees meet and start their own learning journey and they can start with the community here . We can call our experienced developers to join as mentors and professionals early in their career looking to learn from the real-life experiences of others, to join as mentees.

We can always give some benefits to our mentors (a chance to being our next MVP say ).

It will bring even more diversity and that it will build on there(and all the mentors’ and mentees’) openness, as well as on there curiosity and appetite for understanding unique viewpoints and experiences.


Official Response
08-09-2021 14:29
Please note this program is currently planned however due to capacity the launch has been delayed, we will keep you updated on the Community when a new launch date is confirmed.

06-08-2021 16:56

Hi @Vipul Tiwari,

Glad to see this is something of interest to you as this is something we are working on behind the scenes! We are hoping to launch the Blue Prism Mentoring program in September and will give a preview to the MVPs.



06-05-2021 08:54

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