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Segregation/Restrictions of Queues within BP Instance

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By: Karthika Palanisamy
04-05-2022 13:15

Process and objects can be restricted from studio via access restrictions between different roles. But on the same note, Queues cannot be restricted between groups/users. Its directly exposed in Control room for all users who have access to the BP instance.

The impact is that, when we have shared environment, there is ask to get the access restricted for Queue for complaint reasons as the item tag can have any unique values between roles. Just because we are unable to do it, it leads to create  a separate BP Database  which in turn leads to additional maintenance, cost and housekeeping etc.,

It would be great if the feature can be introduced to have the restriction in place for queues as well.

Thanks in advance


04-12-2022 06:53

Great idea and it's very helpful.

04-08-2022 09:38

Very good idea. 

04-07-2022 10:27

Great idea and it is very needed one and useful to all

04-07-2022 10:11

Great Idea and It will be very useful...

04-07-2022 09:52

Excellent Idea.
This is very much needed

04-07-2022 09:14

Good idea and it will be very useful....

04-07-2022 09:06

Great idea

04-07-2022 09:02

Excellent Idea. It will be very useful......

04-07-2022 08:59

Good idea

04-07-2022 08:59

It will really helpful, Nice idea.

04-07-2022 08:57

Very good idea

04-07-2022 08:56

Nice idea and its helpful...

04-07-2022 08:56

Nice Idea

04-07-2022 08:44

Nice idea

04-07-2022 08:38

This idea is good

04-07-2022 08:36

Great in bringing up this and its a feature that really needed which will reduce the risk level on exposure of sensitive data to all end users.

04-07-2022 08:35

Nice idea!

04-07-2022 08:32

Good idea

04-07-2022 08:23

Great innovation...idea useful...

04-07-2022 08:23

Excellent idea... It would be very helpful.

04-07-2022 08:22

Good idea and Helpful!

04-07-2022 08:21

Good Idea It will be helpful.

04-07-2022 08:14

Good idea

04-07-2022 08:12

Great idea and its helpful

04-07-2022 08:11

Great idea and helpful!

04-07-2022 08:08

Very nice  idea!!

04-07-2022 08:07

Good idea and its really helpful

04-07-2022 08:05

Excellent and helpful idea

04-07-2022 08:05

Very Good idea

04-07-2022 08:04

Good idea.

04-07-2022 08:01

very useful idea...

04-07-2022 08:00

Great idea...

04-07-2022 07:59

Great and helpful idea.

04-07-2022 07:56

Great idea. It will be very useful

04-07-2022 07:56

it will really helpful,, very good idea

04-07-2022 07:53

Much needed one for Business.

04-07-2022 06:54

Great idea....keep going...

04-07-2022 06:53

It is a Good idea.

04-07-2022 06:43

Very Good idea

04-07-2022 06:16

Nice idea

04-07-2022 06:10

Very good idea. Restrictions of Queue helps many business as we might have sensitive data. Blue Prism should definitely consider this in their next releases.

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