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Github Version Controlling Intergration

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05-09-2021 10:33

Hi Team,

Blue Prism has a very good option for comparing blue prism versioning for saved/updated/ imported releases or changes. 

This would be great idea and enhancement to blue prism  that if we could provide Versioning integration capabilities to Github as we all aware that Github is widely used as Code repository across the industry. 

This feature will let helps the developer team to merge code and rollback to previous versions if required rather than going and comparing xml files manaully.

Yogesh Soppa
Mob : +91-9960250705


29 days ago

Maybe this could be an internal issue, not integrated with the GIT HUB, but maybe a versioning control within the Blue Prism itself that allows the developer to be able to restore some change

29 days ago

Hi @Emerson Ferreira

I think this will be helpful to all developers like us to easily revert few changes or rollback version. Really this is one of the great topic for discussion as there could come more advantage also. ​

05-09-2021 12:59

Hi !! Good idea, but maybe it would not be better to integrate with git on-premisse ?! I believe it is safer

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