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Find/Search Box - Environment Variable

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By: Malak Dudhia
10-22-2021 18:59

Hi Support Team,

For Controllers - Who need to handle multiple processes in production environment, and suppose there are around 300 to 400 environment variables and need to update environment variables - It takes more time to find environment variables with dropping down scroll bar.

Instead of this, Blue Prism should provide the search or find box, by that way user can find environment variables and change value.

It will save time for controllers.


14 days ago

HI @Paul JHM van Doorn the same issue with blue prism since very long. They really don't want to improve the UI and  now a days everyone look after UI :-P.

Hope they will change in future.​​​

17 days ago

And we're at 17. This thing just might make it!

The problem with the point system as applied by the good folks a BP is that we forever will be stuck by the terrible UI as proposals for simple ideas do not get the required votes, where idea's for advanced idea's and adjustment to new technology almost always seem to make it. In my world all three should have a chance. 

From my limited knowledge gathered under 30+ years of programming, I guestimate that adjustments to the UI are easier to implement than, let's say, adjustments to the latest version of Chrome. I'm not saying that these should not be done, cause they have to be done for reasons of compliance. But there should also be time for the simple requests that make every-day life with BP more enjoyable. 

For now, the lousy UI remains...

23 days ago

Much awaited feature

25 days ago

This one is indeed a much needed feature!

11-01-2021 08:28


I put vote for this feature to support it, however, much better approach is to use config files (Excel) where you can keep all the environment variables for each process separately and even for DEV/TEST/PROD environments (on separate worksheets). 



10-29-2021 06:03

Even I requested lot of time Blue prism team just to have a look on idea even it did not cross 20 votes. Which ever is relevant and they think it is priority they can develop those at least.

Even I have created many ideas and it never delivered so I stopped posting ideas.

@Melanie Giuliani Please have look on the request of all developers if you want to make community more fruitful.​

10-25-2021 13:52

We're at 2 votes now, the chances of getting over 20 are slim in my view.

Clever, so you post your idea in one place, and then you have to post it also somewhere else to get votes there. Why not post on one single place and instead get folks to vote there?

...hmmm, perhaps that's how I ended up posting well over 25 ideas and never got one implemented! Clever indeed!

Needless to say I'm not joining that exercise. I stopped launching any new idea's but still vote on what other folks present.

10-25-2021 13:46

Hot topics are issues that are brought to the community and a large part of them become relevant, so you can post this idea and it can have more visibility:

follow the link to post:

Hot Topic of the month - October | Community Chat (

10-25-2021 13:36

How to do that?

10-25-2021 13:33

...what is that and why would I want to do that?

10-25-2021 13:17

You can share this idea in this month's hot topic.

10-25-2021 13:03

Has been asked before, not implemented and is still a good idea!

10-25-2021 01:42

extremely important and necessary

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