ROM Essentials

ROM Essentials

Get insider tips to accelerate your automation initiative in 6 weeks

Are you new to Blue Prism? We are calling all new users to gather together and learn about our handy Blue Prism success framework, AKA the Robotic Operating Model. 

The ROM is your instruction manual for maximizing the benefits of your Blue Prism implementation. And the ROM Essentials program will give you all the tools you need to accelerate your intelligent automation program and to set solid foundations of your Robotic Operating Model. 
This 6-week program includes: 
  • Free weekly themed videos hosted by Blue Prism’s very own Intelligent Automation team 
  • Access to program workbook and specially selected educational materials
  • The weekly time commitment is estimated between 30min to 1h30

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Need more convincing? This is what previous members of ROM Essentials said:

"ROM Essentials is an entertaining foundation guide to help you start Blue Prism in your organization"
"You will discover a new way to work with your team, that will help you to understand the best way to work with RPA and your team following the ROM."