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The Concept of Descriptive Essay and Narrative Essay

If you are a student, your teacher must have assigned you to write my essay on narrative and descriptive essays, respectively, over and over again. Teachers give high importance to both essay types. There is a thin line that differentiates both essays with each other. Sometimes, students mingle the concept of both essays with each other and end up getting stuck while composing detailed narrative and descriptive writing pieces with each other, respectively.

It is expedient to mention here that students must not fret out to create detailed writing pieces. No rocket science is involved in writing comprehensive essays. All it demands is motivation, dedication, and enthusiastic, hard work to compile a handy writing piece. Moreover, it is also imperative to bring in students' notice that students should follow the predefined rules related to academic writing. 

When a teacher assigns an essay writing task regarding a narrative essay help or descriptive essay, a neophyte writer with no writing experience frets out. A student at the early stage of academic writing wonders how I can write my essay presentably. For this purpose, it is essential for students at the early stage of writing to learn the concept of both essays to develop a better understanding of the topic.

  • Understanding the theme of descriptive essay writing? 

As its name implies, it urges the students to describe a particular subject in detail. The topic could be related to an ordinary person, place, or a non-living thing. A scribbler must have profound knowledge of the topic. Only then, it will become easier for an essay writer to illustrate a specific subject comprehensively. 

  • Requirements of Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay requires an essay writer to illustrate such a topic before the readers that should have great significance for both a writer and the readers. If the author of the essay does not have an emotional attachment with the topic, it becomes tough for him or her to compose a detailed writing piece. It is also necessary for a scribbler to have profound knowledge of the topic and involve sensory details while illustrating it. 

In addition, a writer must have extraordinary writing skills to merge the emotional feelings in the text. It is how a writer can compose an attention-seeking essay.

  • What is a narrative essay?

In narrative essay writing, an essay writer has to do my homework for me cheap narrate a real-life story before the targeted audience. It may consist of a single event or series of events. However, it is essential for a scribbler to markdown all the events in chronological order. A writer has to examine all the significant characters and highlight their essential roles, respectively. 

A narrative writing piece demands an essay writer to explicate the whole event in such a way as a reader must feel like the part of the story. Next, a writer has to inscribe the climax before concluding the event.

  • What is the difference between a narrative essay and a descriptive essay?

Both essays are related to each other but there are minor differences that distinguish both essays. Let's highlight the differences between both essays.

A narrative essay consists of a real-life event while a descriptive essay consists of characteristics of a person, place, or thing.

A narrative essay demands an essay writer to present the series of events in chronological order, whereas no such requirement is there is a descriptive writing piece.

A narrative essay urges the readers to take action regarding the situation while there is no such requirement by descriptive writing.

There are several characters involved in a narrative essay. In contrast, in a descriptive writing piece, a writer's primary focus remains on a single character that is the main subject of the topic. 

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