Share an Idea

Share an idea

Customer feedback is an important part of the product development process, and that is why Blue Prism  is serious about collecting and addressing your suggestions for improvement. This community ideation page will crowd source your feedback by collecting your ideas and allowing other users to vote on whether they’d like to see that suggestion implemented.

As an idea collects votes, comments, and feedback from the community, the ideation review teams will communicate the standing of an idea by moving it through a lifecycle of statuses, indicating the likelihood of implementation.

Here are some tips and tricks for using ideation:

• Before creating an Idea use the "Search" feature to see if it has already been submitted. To create an idea, click the "Add" button at the top of the ideation widget below.
• When creating an idea, be sure to be as detailed as possible in your title and description (including the 'why' i.e. what issue does this idea solve?)
• All ideas must be assigned a category to give our team context on which product or service you are looking to provide feedback on.
• Use the filters below to find ideas that are relevant to you! You can use the search bar to narrow down by keyword, or use the category, status, or created date drop downs to sort through published ideas.
• If you like an idea – be sure to vote! Ideas with a higher score are more likely to be noticed by the ideation review teams.
• Discussion is healthy! If you have a question or comment on an existing idea – don’t be afraid to jump in and start a discussion in the comments section of that idea. Ideation is a community venture, and collaboration is key to making this work!
This idea is new to the community and hasn’t been reviewed yet. While in the New stage, an idea is open for voting and comments to further the discussion around this idea.
This idea already exists! A change to the Duplicate status will always include a comment linking to the existing idea, so all voting and feedback can be collected in one place.
Need More Info
We’ve reviewed this idea, and determined we need a bit more info before deciding on how to move forward. An update to the Need More Info status will always be accompanied by a comment explaining which additional details are needed. Ideas are still open for voting and comments while in the Need More Info stage.
Under Consideration
We have all the info we need and are currently considering the feasibility of implementing this idea. Ideas in the Under Consideration status are still open to community voting and discussion.
Not Planned
We’ve reviewed this idea, and determined that it’s not feasible to implement right now. Ideas in the Not Planned status are no longer open for voting.
Coming Soon!
We’ve reviewed this idea and have determined that it will be delivered in the near future. Ideas in the Coming Soon! status are not attached to a binding timeline, but there is a concrete plan to implement this idea. Because a decision has already been made for this idea, this status does not allow for voting.
Congrats! Your idea has been accepted by the team and is now in production! Give yourself a pat on the back – you contributed to the improvement of one of Blue Prism’s products or services!


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