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The Blue Prism Community is an online platform where you can connect with other Blue Prism users to share best practices, knowledge and insights around Blue Prism and RPA.

Whether you're a developer looking to share knowledge, a customer or partner who'd like to shape the future of Blue Prism's products & services, or someone who would like to learn more about Blue Prism & RPA, the Blue Prism Community can help you along every step of your RPA journey.

Check out our community brochure, a quick guide to get you started on the Blue Prism Community and discover ways to get involved.

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1. Join a community

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If you're interested in all things to do with the Blue Prism Product head to Blue Prism Product - Tech Chat or if you are brand new to Blue Prism, why not visit the Getting Started community.

2. Ask a question

Get the answers or inspiration you might need.

Make sure you search before posting, the answer might already be there waiting!
If not, it's easy to post a new topic.
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You can collect Coins on the Community too!

Below is the full list of all actions that earn points in the Blue Prism Community. The more points you earn, the more badges you will unlock!

To see how many points you have earned head over to the homepage - your total number of Engagement Points is displayed beneath your name.

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Action  Points
Profile Picture Updated 20
Responses Marked as Best Answer 20
Reply to Existing Discussion or Question 15
New Discussion or Question Post 10
Blogs Written (permission restricted) 10
Registration for Events 8
Subscription to a Discussion Board  6
Library Entry Posted 6
Community Membership 5
Contacts Added 5
Create an Event (permission restricted)  5
Demographics Updated 5
Blog Comments 4
Library Entries Rated 3
Library Entry Comments 3
Profile Update - Contact Info Updated 3
Profile Update - Bio Updated 3
Recommend Content  3
Library Entries Viewed 1
Blogs Viewed 1
Network Membership 1
Discussion Post Read 1