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 How to disable Excel Macro in BP

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KW Liu posted 11-22-2022 03:57
Hi all

I'm trying to write a value to a worksheet cell using the BP Excel VBO object 's "Set Cell Value" action.  However, a preset selection menu will popup automatically causing the process hangs.

I tried to disable the Excel Macro from the Options > Trust Center and the it still doesn't work.

Can anyone advise how the Excel macro can be disabled thru BP ?

Many thanks.

G. Liu
RPA developer
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Ronny Gruhl
1. You can change general macro settings in the Trust Center (M365). Choose Disable all macros without notification

2. You can save the file as ".xls " or ".xlsx" before with the Excel VBO "Save Workbook as". To force the format of the file, you can create a new page "Save Workbook as .xlsx" with this code stage:

Dim wb as Object = GetWorkbook(handle,workbookname)
Dim excel as Object = wb.Application

excel.DisplayAlerts = False
wb.SaveAs (filename, 51)
excel.DisplayAlerts = True

newworkbookname = wb.Name
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KW Liu
Hi Ronny

Thanks for the advice.  However, I have finally come up with an easier solution.
I created a collection with 2 fields. The 2nd field contains the value to be written to the cell with preset selection menu.  I then use the normal write to cell function from BP which starts writing the collection to the cell on the left. And it did write 2 values in 2 cells and no more popup menu !

And of course, I have disabled all the macros from the Excel Trust Center.

Many Thanks.