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Use these tips when typing your terms into the search bar to narrow down results and find more relevant content:

  • Quotes: Use quotes to search for an exact phrase.
    • Ex: "Blue Prism Object Studio"
  •  AND: Include two search terms.
    • Ex: Blue Prism AND Object Studio
  •  OR: Broaden your search with multiple terms.
    • Ex: "Blue Prism Object Studio" OR "Blue Prism Control Room"
  •  Parentheses: Combine modifiers to create a more complex search.
    • Ex: Blue Prism AND (Object Studio OR Control Room)
  •  Asterisks: Use as a root word/stem/truncation search.
    • Ex: configur*
    • This will return posts that contain the words configure, configures, configured, configuration, etc.
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 04-09-2021  |  Short Task (a few hours)

Discussion Thread 2
Easy way to monitoring your process

Focus Search - BP Accredited - Anyone Can Use|BPTechTips

Discussion Thread 1
Validate Partial Expression in Calc Stage - #BPTechTips #TipOfTheDay

Focus Search - #BPTechTips #TipOfTheDay Tip of the Day - Select only required expression If you partially want to validate a long expression, below is an example

Discussion Thread 2
Use of DB for Reporting

Focus Search - #BPTechTips **TIP** BP Database can be used to create various type of reports either by connecting using Connection String

Discussion Thread 2
What are the best practices creating dashboard for processes?

Focus Search - The BP DB is for operational purposes and should not be thought of as a data repository - hammering it with MI queries will affect Production

Discussion Thread 2
Licensing - What are my licensing options?

Focus Search - BP Accredited - Anyone Can Use|BPTechTips BP Accredited - Anyone Can Use|Digital Exchange

Discussion Thread 1
Demo Video - How can I load them?

Focus Search - BP Accredited - Anyone Can Use|BPTechTips BP Accredited - Anyone Can Use|Digital Exchange