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Discussion Thread 2
April 2021: Blue Prism Product Roadmap

Focus Search - April 2021: Blue Prism Product Roadmap

Discussion Thread 1
A new Discover product - Blue Prism Capture!

Focus Search - A new Discover product - Blue Prism Capture!

Blog Entry
Blue Prism V6.8 & ROM®: Intelligent Automation at Hyperspeed. Now available in German!

Developed by Blue Prism, the current ROM is in use by numerous companies today and recent updates enhance this tried and true approach with: Expanded content offering and ROM guidance with examples and models for organizational design Enhanced cultural adoption guidance Additional Governance advice and best-practice offerings related to security and control over the software and Digital Workforce New guidance and advice regarding data, data storage, virtualization, the Cloud, integration, and communication Get the most out of your Blue Prism connected-RPA solution

Discussion Thread 1
We are extending the availability of the Process Discovery Tool

Focus Search - Scroll down and you will see the link to access: - Process Assessment Tool | Blue Prism Portal Thanks Jo -- Jo Davison Product Manager Blue Prism --

Discussion Thread 4
Blue Prism Process Assessment Tool is now generally available!

Focus Search - Kind Regards Jo -- Jo Davison Product Manager Blue Prism --

Discussion Thread 5
Blue Prism Capture Now Available for Download!

Focus Search - Capture is made available for download and use under the following License Terms but a separate license key is not required to use it: Best regards, -- Tom Chiles Product Manager Blue Prism Europe/London --