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Blog Entry
All About Support Ticket Escalation

Are you aware of the support ticket escalation procedure we have at Blue Prism? Do you want to know what an escalation is or more information on why you should escalate? This article will tell you everything you need to know about escalating support tickets and when you might need to do it. ...

Blog Entry
Blue Prism Community Redesign

We’ve listened to your feedback! The Community Team has incorporated your comments from our Community Feedback survey, user interviews, and the ideas portal to bring you a site-wide redesign that launched on April 6. We hope these updates will help you get the most out of the Community site...

Blog Entry
The Automation Paradox

The Automation Paradox - How do we begin to turn the fly wheel Claimed to be a tool to unleash human potential, software automation seems to have a negative impact in economic inequality. Can this be reversed? Frequently promoted as an augmentation or means to unleash human potential, 95% of...

Blog Entry
Blue Prism For Good donates 400k INR to sponsor 9 young women in India

Blue Prism for Good - in India Back in 2019, Blue Prism For Good was awarded GBP 5000 to direct towards a philanthropic cause and India was chosen as the recipient. After overcoming some difficulties (COVID-19 included), all the efforts come now to reality through My Little Bit and the...

Blue Prism World 2021

IT’S TIME TO TRANSFORM THE WAY WORK IS DONE Moving beyond business continuity toward true enterprise success begins with a digital transformation. If you’re ready to take your automation initiative to the next level, accelerate your unique digital strategy based on expert guidance, and ...

 05-18-2021 00:00 - 05-20-2021 23:00 UTC

Blog Entry
The Journey of a Community MVP

Vipul Tiwari is a senior developer at Fidelity International, and one of the first batch of Blue Prism Community MVPs. Here he explains what makes an MVP and what he hopes he can bring to, and get from the role. What is the Blue Prism MVP program? To start with, MVP stands for Most...

Blog Entry
End of year reflection: BPFG through 2020

Hi everyone! Today, we would like to share with you all the amazing things that happened within Blue Prism For Good as as we close out FY20! 2020 in numbers This year, globally we’ve raised a total of £41,000 for 12 global charities (almost everything raised virtually!). We can...

Blog Entry
Employee Diaries - #5 Blue Prism for Good

Hello Everyone! A lot has happened since my last blog so let’s get into it! If you haven't seen any of the news or posts surrounding it, the Smart Futures Program was a roaring success. 10 students from Warrington and London had virtual placements with BluePrism over July and August and...

Blog Entry
Free "candy"!

Developers and other technical folks aren't always the first in line to brag about their incredible accomplishments. Yet, all of us benefit when we're aware of the "free candy" available in Blue Prism DX. If you've built something to share on Blue Prism DX, I want to help you get the word out. ...

Blog Entry
Happy 1st Birthday to Blue Prism University!

One year ago, in September 2019, Blue Prism University was born. I remember the moment we pushed the ON button and published the promotional videos for Blue Prism University , Academia Program , Blue Prism Training Partner program . I also recall my first post in the newly created...