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Blog Entry
Building a Process Pipeline: Ask Me Anything

We were delighted to be joined by Blue Prism product experts Pratyush Garikapati and Jovana Djapa for a Community AMA session on the topic of Building a Process Pipeline. With this AMA session we kicked off our second Ask Me Anything session as part of our Rom Essentials program. We've now...

Blog Entry
Top 5 des choses à savoir pour se former avec Blue Prism

Vous gérez une capacité d'automatisation intelligente Blue Prism et vous avez constitué une équipe de personnes talentueuse qui travaillent pour vous; il est maintenant essentiel de mettre en place un plan de formation qui soit cohérent avec votre organisation et qui permette de délivrer la...

Blog Entry
Vision, Organization & People: Ask Me Anything

We were delighted to be joined by Blue Prism product experts Khatina Brunson, Emma Kirby-Kidd, Christopher Banks and Dominique Duquennoy for a Community AMA session on the topic of Vision, Organization & People. With this AMA session we began our Ask Me Anything series as part of our Rom...

Blog Entry
Decipher Helps Your Digital Workers See the Value in Your Content

Decipher Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is the smart way to extract, organize and analyze all the information your business receives every day. Decipher IDP uses OCR and machine learning to extract data from both structured and semi-structured sources. Here’s how Decipher IDP...

Blog Entry
Bring Your Humans in-the-Loop With Interact

Interact is a native, human-to-digital collaboration platform. It lets human workers partner effortlessly with their digital colleagues, establishing natural workflows across front, middle, and back-office functions. Here are just some of the benefits Interact gives you as part of...

Blog Entry
Introducing Automation Lifecycle Management. It’s the Easy Way to Automate.

As your organization deploys intelligent automation, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. Think of Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM) as your North star. ALM ensures the deployment of automation across your organization is optimized and efficient. Here are a few...

Blog Entry
Let Capture Do the Hard Work of Capturing Your Process Documentation

Capture uses AI-driven task extraction to map ‘as is’ processes, gathering all the necessary information and screenshots, automatically creating a Process Definition Document (PDD). What’s more, the PDDs generated by Capture are editable allowing for further modification and optimization. And...

Blog Entry
Learn Which Process to Automate When With the Process Assessment Tool

Blue Prism intelligent automation is undoubtedly an incredibly powerful tool that has helped thousands of organizations revolutionize the way they work. But succes sful deployment means automating the right processes. T he Process Assessment Tool takes the...

Blog Entry
Blue Prism Interact 4.3 Is Now Available!

Interact Version 4.3 introduces changes to the product, as well as to the Hub installer. These updates are based on customer feedback and are designed to give more options , a better user experience , and added flexibility to help organizations use Interact in the way that best suits their...

Blog Entry
Blue Prism Capture 2.1 Is Now Available

Your ability to automate faster to and scale automation throughout your business is dependent on your process definition documents (PDDs). Now, Capture version 2.1 delivers up to 35% faster time-to-automation by instantly turning your PDDs into Blue Prism process outlines. Blue Prism Capture...