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Change stages logging for all stages at once

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Hi everyone, Is there any way how to change stage logging, for example, for all "Decision" stages at once in all processes, that I have? May be it is possible to change it directly in SQL? Or there is any functions available in Blue Prism?   Best Regards, Daria

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It is not possible to do what you ask - apply some logic to turn off all logging except in Decision stages.   Also, the process is stored within xml within a text stage so the query to do something like that accross you processes might be complex and inefficient. There is a global logging level option in System-Resources-Management but that is per resource rather than per process.  However, that is there to increase the logging level to solve a support issue rather than to intelligently reduce it. The product team know about the requirement to improve setting logging - I have been in communication with them about potentially having some kind of easy 'best practice' default rather than having all logging on in the process by default.  In the meantime it is up to the developer to turn off all logging one page at a time (using the all stages menu option) and then turn it back on where appropriate.

There's no function for that in BP, but you can - select elements then use the Edit menu, change the logging for the whole page, or change the logging for the whole process. But you can't change multiple processes at once - that would be dangerous. Alternatively you can set logging at machine level in System Manager.

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You can open a process in Edit mode, then go to Edit Menu > All Stages > select desired logging level.

Alternatively you can only select a group of needed stages and the nselect Edit > Selected Stages instead.


mihai c
rpa dev

Just for the benefit of anyone reading this (older) thread in future:
Please note that Edit--Select All followed by Edit--Selected Stages--Disable Logging is not the same as Edit--All Stages--Disable Logging.
Edit--Select All only selects all stages on the current page.
Edit--All Stages--Disable Logging disables logging for all stages in all pages.

Thought I'd mention this as it's caught me out in the past!

Andrew Pascal