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Internal : Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Stage 'PressSubmit' - Operation timed out.

Level 3

Hello everyone !

I have been training on the basic BluePrism template to try and implement the consolidation exercise from the BP formation, and came across a weird issue, which is more of a purely technical question than an unsolved problem:

After filling in all fields from a data item, the process needs interact with the "Submit" button (either by pressing or clickling it) in the application so that a pop-up will appear and display the product code that we want to retrieve. My problem happens when I use the "navigate :Press " on the button element, namely "Button - SubmitButton - UIA". 

What happens is that, when all fields are correctly filled, and the process arrives at the press action, it will correctly press the button, displaying the pop-up with the product code, but the blueprism application will stop responding for over a minute before going in an exception state with the following message : "Internal : Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Stage 'PressSubmit' - Operation timed out. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131505)", despite the stage itself having done what it should have. 
Furthermore, if the initial centrix form is incorrectly filled in, for example with missing fields, the action works fine, using the button properly whithout any internal errors, and progressing to the following stage without any trouble (beyond the business case that the pop-up doesn't contain an order code).

I also should mention that using the "Global mouse click center" does work fine, and I am not looking for a "workaround" solution, merely to understand what is wrong in this specific case.

Does anyone have an idea why the application behaves that way or has anyone encountered a similar issue previously ?

PS:Attached below are screenshots of the issue, both when the application stops responding and once it has resumed and displays the error message.





Thanks in advance, waiting for your responses, bbastien


Try using focus to the element and use global send key "Enter"

Parthiban A

Level 15

 Pop ups can sometimes be tricky at run time for a variety of reasons - for example I have previously experienced a pop up that only seemed to be identifiable when its window was active,  otherwise it was not part of the underlying application process model that Blue Prism trawls through.

Firstly try using surface automation to interface with the pop up window.  If there is still a problem finding the window itself to interface you could try creating a separate object for pop-ups in this application that attaches to the pop up window as though it is a different process to interface with it.   

Thank you for your response ! But as I said, I am not looking for a workaround, only to understand what caused such an error. Do you have an idea of what the reason for that may be ?

Thank you for your response ! What really troubles me is that Blue Prism finds it without any issue, and reads the value without a problem as it is, I just don't understand what in the way I read the value, or the way the pop up works, makes it crash during read time...

I understand it can seem concerning.

The thing to remember, will all RPA tools, is that your actions whilst modelling/spying the application can impact the application itself, there may be different behaviour during runtime (such as the pop up window not being an active window).

Good advice is to use the step over and breakpoint features in studio to replicate live running and find more potential problems as early as possible.