Announcing the winners of our Generative AI Developer Hackathon!

Community Team
Community Team

In a world driven by digital transformation, the intersection of intelligent automation and generative AI technology holds the promise of groundbreaking innovation. Our recent Generative AI Developer Hackathon was a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the limitless potential that arises when these two technologies converge. As we unveil the winners of this competition, we celebrate the pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of automation and artificial intelligence.


It only felt right to use generative AI for that introduction, but behind the hyperbole and buzzwords commonly associated with new technology, there’s doubtless potential in the crossover between intelligent automation and generative AI. The two can combine to innovate, accelerate, maybe even change the world, or at least strive to make it a slightly better place. This was evident in the entries we received during the competition. From process optimization, time savers, big dreams, we saw an impressive array of both creativity and pragmatism. Whether the solution was identifying underlying issues in a ticket, automatically recording and summarising consultations, building bespoke lesson plans based on learning styles, or simply standardising documentation to cut developer workload.

Entries covered a spectrum of generative AI models, with some even going as far as training LLMs for their own specific uses. We were excited to hear about the real-world implications, and to hear that many of these projects are already planning development and enhancement or real-world use.

Without further ado, let’s look at our winners. We received entries in both the Team and Individual categories, and we have a winner for each.

Team Winner – TJX Europe

Congratulations to TJX Europe on their winning entry in the team category. Their entry was designed to standardise release notes and creating bespoke documentation to aid their developers. The estimated time saving for a developer is at least 10%, with 40-50% savings on time spent viewing documentation. See what our judges thought of their entry:

“TJX Europe’s submission in this competition is a shining example of how technology and innovation can directly impact the efficiency and productivity of an organization. By tackling the challenge of standardizing release notes and transforming them into easily digestible documentation, they have demonstrated a deep understanding of the pain points faced by their development team, and I am sure you all face the same challenges too.

Their approach aligns with the broader trend of harnessing automation and intelligent solutions to optimize processes within organizations. It serves a valuable lesson on how thoughtful automation can lead to tangible benefits which were highlighted in their entry, making it a noteworthy case study for others.

In essence, TJX Europe’s submission exemplifies the power of innovation, collaboration, and technology in addressing real-world challenges. It’s a testament to their commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and their ability to deliver concrete results through creative problem-solving. Congratulations to TJX Europe on your well-deserved victory.”

Watch the video below to see their full submission:

Individual Winner – Jed Evans

Congratulations to Jed Evans on his winning entry in our individual category. Jed built a wonderful solution to harness several AI models alongside Blue Prism, harnessing the technology to create bespoke lesson plans for schoolchildren based on their preferred subjects, and learning styles. See what our judges thought of Jed’s entry:

“Jed’s submission is technically impressive. He harnessed three advanced AI technologies: ChatGPT Turbo 3.5 for personalised learning plans, DALL-E for visually enriched educational content, and AWS Polly for natural-sounding AI voice recordings, catering to individuals who prefer to learn by listening. Jed Orchestrated this entire process using Blue Prism, showcasing a deep understanding of automation and best practices. He even accounted for exceptions. Jed’s work demonstrates the power of AI and automation in creating engaging, personalised learning experiences. Kudos to him for this outstanding technical achievement.”

Community Choice Award

In addition to the winning entries, we’re giving you the chance to vote on the final award from our first Developer Hackathon. Starting next week, we’ll be presenting you with our judges’ four highest-scoring entries (excluding our winners) for your opportunity to vote on the Community Choice Award.

You’ll have the opportunity to view their submissions, and vote for your favorite. The winning team will receive a $150 voucher. Keep an eye on the community for the announcement of that next week.


As for our final thoughts, we’ll leave that in the capable hands of generative AI, once again. Congratulations again to our winners, and thanks to everybody who participated.

As we applaud the winners and their visionary contributions, we also look forward to a future where businesses can leverage the combined power of intelligent automation and generative AI to drive unprecedented efficiency, creativity, and value. The journey has just begun, and we hope the SS&C Blue Prism Generative AI Developer Hackathon has set the stage for a new era of innovation in the world of automation and artificial intelligence.