Blue Prism Interact 4.3 Is Now Available!


Interact Version 4.3 introduces changes to the product, as well as to the Hub installer. These updates are based on customer feedback and are designed to give more options, a better user experience, and added flexibility to help organizations use Interact in the way that best suits their business needs.

Key features of Interact 4.3 include

  • Improved Interact Forms user interface – The Interact plugin user interface has been enhanced to provide users with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, including:
    • New testing area – The Play Test are Form Editor pages have been combined! Now you can see your form instantly as you build it.
    • New Search fields feature – Quickly search for a field in your Form Editor.
    • New Change type feature – Easily switch between field types when creating a new field.
  • Interact now hosted in Authentication Server – Authentication Server replaces IMS, and provides centrally-managed authentication across three key components of the Blue Prism platform: Blue Prism Enterprise 7.0, Blue Prism API, and Hub.

For more details about these new features and other updates made for this release, see the Interact 4.3 release notes and the Hub 4.3 release notes.

Upgrading to Interact 4.3

To get the most from Interact, it is recommended that you upgrade to version 4.3 today. The installers for this release, together with the upgrader tool are available from the Interact product page on the Blue Prism customer portal.