Can't Find the DX Asset You Need? Submit an Idea!

Your Intelligent Automation goal is to streamline your critical processes to make your enterprise more efficient and productive. Your Blue Prism Digital Workers need to interact with your critical computer systems to realize the goal. Those systems consist of software proprietary to your company and off-the-shelf software that you license from a commercial provider.   The Blue Prism Digital Exchange or DX is about the latter, the commercial off-the-shelf software that you license. 

We populate the DX with the Blue Prism Processes and Objects that we think will significantly impact your Intelligent Automation efforts. In other words, we want to ensure that the DX gives you the ability to connect to the off-the-shelf software used by most of our customers. We express this through the phrase “DX before you DIY,”  which is searching the DX for the pre-built automation you need before doing it yourself. And, if you find what you need, you will be able to deploy your automation better, faster, and cheaper.

But what should you do if you go to the DX and can’t find what you need? We want you to submit an idea.

The Blue Prism DX team not only manages the platform, but our DX Integration group routinely builds and maintains many of the Assets that are available on the DX. When you submit an idea on the DX, that Idea gets fed directly into our triage and work assignment processes.

Let me explain what happens.

First, you go to the DX, and you search for something, let’s say it is SAP Concur, the popular company expense management system. Your search on the DX will look something like this:


Unfortunately, we don’t have that on the DX yet. But you can see the DX idea card. So click it, and the DX will search the DX Asset ideation portal using the query you entered.



You see that someone else has already entered the Idea. Here, you can vote for the Idea. You can also see that the SAP Concur Idea is marked as “planned,” this means that we are currently working on it and should be ready soon. If the Idea was not in the ideation portal, you could have entered it as a new Idea.   

When you create or vote on an Idea, we triage will periodically triage the Ideas. We focus on the Ideas that will have the most significant impact on all of our customers and partners. We have a database of over 25,000 different commercial off-the-shelf software packages that all of our customers use. We use this database and the voting in the ideation portal to prioritize the Assets that we will build next. Our goal is to focus on the Assets that matter most. In triage, we also look at other factors such as the level of effort and our ability to test the resulting Asset. Testing is the most significant factor that holds us back because building automation in Blue Prism is pretty straightforward. To test, we need a Sandbox environment with sample data in it to perform functional tests. Again, SAP Concur is a great example of this. We’ve wanted to get the Concur integration done for many months, but we only recently received a testing environment 

So, if you have an idea, let us know through the ideation portal. And, if you have a Sandbox environment for the app and want to help with the testing, let us know by putting it into a comment on the Idea.