Community Platform Updates: April 10, 2024

Unveiling the details of our first release since launching the new platform, plus the bugs that were found and fixed since launch.

Community Team
Community Team

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Can you believe it's already been three weeks since we launched our new community platform? I've been working on this project for about six months, with most of the UI work done in the last six to eight weeks before the launch. One of the things we value most about our new platform is the opportunity to evolve and improve the Community experience continuously. 

We’ll be updating you regularly on the changes happening in our community, aiming for updates every couple of weeks. Your feedback is crucial; if you have ideas on how to improve the community, head to our Community Suggestions space. 

Now, onto our first update: We've made ten patches since launch, addressing bugs , and implementing improvements. Let's dive into some of the highlights.

Community Update 1.9.01

"Can You Help?": Unanswered questions

Due to popular demand, we've added a new widget to display unanswered questions on both the home page and forum pages.  This feature restores the ability to find questions that haven’t yet been answered across the Community. 

Can You Help.png

The widget appears on the right-hand side with the five newest unanswered posts by default. Clicking the “View All” button takes you to a page which lists all unanswered questions. This page is scoped to the forum that you're viewing. If you click from the home page, then you’ll see all unanswered questions across the Community. 

Other Improvements

In this update, we’ve introduced a couple of other improvements:

  • Enhanced the visibility of the “Associated Products” field when creating a new post. Including the product that you’re posting about in our Product Support forum is the best way to get the right answer. We’ve now made this field more visible and included a hint on how to use it. 
  • Linked the labels in our blog articles to the corresponding labelled section on the blog homepage. Now, with just a single click, you can quickly see a list of similar blogs. 

Bug Fixes

We’ve also addressed the following bug fixes in this update:

  • Corrected the scope of featured blogs on the blog page carousel.
  • Resolved a display issue affecting the shape of profile pictures in certain sections.
  • Fixed several issues with the display of blog articles on smaller screens.
  • Resolved an issue where the dropdown menu was being cut off by the footer on some pages. We’re planning further improvements to the dropdown menu in a future release.


Community Patches

Here are some of the main patches that were carried out prior to this latest update.

Patches 1-3

  • Fixed various display and performance issues.

Patch 4

  • Limited Product Ideas page widget to only 5 most recent ideas.
  • Fixed an issue with some blog authors were not properly attributed to their authored blogs.

Patches 5-6

  • Improvements to the "Meet the MVPs" & "Meet the Team" pages.
  • Fixed broken links and display issues.

Patch 7

  • Fixed several display issues on blog pages.
  • Resolved an issue with display of product pages on smaller screens.
  • Updated some support links, additional logos and terminology.

Patch 8

  • Directed blog tags to the correctly filtered search results page.


To stay informed about future updates and be part of this exciting journey, be sure to subscribe to our blogs and keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.

Your feedback is also important to us, so please let us know in the comments if you find these updates helpful and if there's anything specific you'd like us to cover in future Community updates.