Crafting an Outstanding Entry: Expert Advice for Your Entries in the SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards 2024

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Community Team

Expert Advice for Your Entries in the Customer Excellence Awards 2024

Seeking Guidance for Your Award Entries? Look No Further! 
When it comes to perfecting your award entries, who better to turn to than SS&C Blue Prism’s very own @DominiqueDuquen, EMEA head of Customer Success and @ashutosh.agarwal, APAC head of Customer Success. Drawing from their extensive depth of knowledge, they’re here to offer valuable insights to help you stand out in the crowd. 
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Ok, now let's dive into the wisdom they shared during our recent interview:

Insights From Ashutosh Agarwal

“As the head of customer success for SS&C Blue Prism's APAC customers, I've had the privilege of working with a wide range of customers across various sub-regions in APAC. My role really gives me a vantage view of how customers are leveraging intelligent automation (IA) technology innovatively to deliver business outcomes. I’ve been fortunate to have been associated with the Customer Excellence Awards for many years — including being on the judging panel few times! The Customer Excellence Awards always gives an opportunity to draw a lot of inspiration from real life customer stories across various award categories.” 

As a seasoned judge Ash is the perfect person to give us insight into what judges are looking for, he told us:

“Award-winning entries often have few things in common: 
  • They present the context of an enterprise before the solution was deployed and then the business benefits that technology delivered to the enterprise. The focus is on business outcomes rather than technology outcomes.
  • Data and metrics related to the outcomes delivered.
  • Quotes from business leaders that endorse the value that the intelligent automation program has delivered in furthering their business objectives.
  • For the two individual categories, it’s important to keep the entry authentic and provide a view of the uniqueness of the individual in their role that differentiates them from their industry peers.
  • Finally, all entries should be written in simple yet powerful language to inspire others.” 

Metrics are certainly an important part of making your submissions stand out and Ash expands on how to capture the most valuable and relevant data.  

“Data and metrics that present the scale of impact and provide that quantitative perspective of the scale of transformation within a business gives entries that extra edge. Focus on how corporate goals were significantly influenced through an enterprise’s IA program are always compelling. Also, the metric should be around the core of the enterprise’s business and around their customers.” 

Insights From Dominique Duquennoy

“As the leader of the customer success EMEA team, my journey with SS&C Blue Prism spans over five years. One of the main reasons I decided to join SS&C Blue Prism aside of the role I am passionate about, was the fact the company was shaping the future of work by impacting our relation to work. How technology is making us evolve our ways of working is a key element you can find across my job experiences in the last 15+ years.  
Customer success is a function that is at the heart of the relationship with our customers. I like to define ourselves as trusted advisors to our customers — being involved in the day-to-day relations with our different contacts, understanding their objectives and their challenges and helping them succeed in their automation journey. 

Dominique is no stranger to the Customer Excellence Awards and has seen similar questions come up over the years. 

“The one most asked I believe is ‘What qualities are the judges looking for in award-winning entries?’   
We review a lot of entries and the key qualities which will help you be selected as an award-winning entry are:
  • A well-structured entry where we can quickly understand what problem you wanted to solve, what your journey was and what are the challenges you needed to overcome. 
  • It’s also key to provide examples with figures: Number of transactions, number of people in your team, but also what was the impact on your business? What were the benefits for your business? The ROI in € or your local currency, but also what other indicators are you following? 
There is one common mistake I can see in entries: not enough detail. Don’t be afraid of providing us stories about how it changed the day-to-day lives of employees: 
  • What additional work did it help you to cover?
  • What was the effort and time required to achieve the results?
  • How did you grow your teams developing your programs.? 
On top of the technicality of the answer, never forget that the business impact delivered and demonstrated in your entry will make a difference.  
And don’t be shy in the format, we like reading but we also like seeing screenshots of your programs, videos interviews with business users about how it changed their lives, etc.” 

Thank you to both Dom and Ash for sharing their invaluable insights! 


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What To Do Next? 

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For more information about award categories and key dates, visit our Customer Excellence Awards website, and if you're ready to submit your entry, access the entry form here. 


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