Emerson Ferreira: Membro Da Comunidade Do Mês – Agosto!

Community Team
Community Team

This month, our Member of the Month isn't just one outstanding individual; it's all of you who make up our incredible community. Your ideas and achievements consistently blow us away, and on this special occasion, we want to celebrate all of you!

To kick things off, we're revisiting all our previous Members of the Month. We're shining a light on their passion and excellence, recapping the remarkable and unconventional professional milestones they've achieved.

But we're not stopping there! We want to hear from all you innovative geniuses out there. In the comments section, share your own clever, innovative, mind-blowing, or unusual career achievements.

Join the conversation and let's celebrate our community's creativity together! 

We have seen creative automation from our MOTMs.

Emerson Ferreira: I had installed the Study version and my wife was mad at me for not doing the dishes, so I created an automation to tell her I loved her via SMS, she couldn't resist!

Mukesh Kumar: I remember doing Speech to Text for reading all the exception messages loud with some funny lines added to it- more of fun Friday so that everybody knew my bot is hitting exceptions it was in the office, and it was funny to turn heads around!

Michael ONeil: The best automation I've worked on lately is helping my partner book her driving test. The waiting period for a driving test at the moment is phenomenal (over a year!) so I set up a Digital Worker to continuously check for available dates within the next few months and notify me as soon as new as new ones were available so we didn't have to sit at our computers day and night. She has now passed her driving test.

They have shared automations and professional achievements to be proud of!

Tejaskumar Darji: My first automation was to launch all essential apps, log in and navigate to the required page as we begin our day in the office. I was able to implement this simple automation for all of my team members.

This amazed me as a beginner because it cut down our manual efforts to open the apps daily for the whole team. This was small, but it sparked my curiosity in doing more and more automation with RPA.

Murali Krishna Kodi: We got to work on a project where the existing person/SME was working like a robot (Login >perform step 1 to 200 daily>Logout). He used to take around 6-7 hours daily to complete that reporting. When we first showed them the demo of how we could eliminate their manual work, the battle to build the robot started and we successfully delivered the project (there are many stories about the struggles we faced).

The happiness and anxiety we saw on the SME’s face when he just ran the process and within an hour his day's job was done, was priceless.

The victory you get when everyone else is waiting for your defeat is the real one.

Neeraj Kumar: I am proud of almost all the automations I have been involved in. There are lots of automation where we integrate Python with RPA or other internal tools with RPA but my favourite is the one when we integrate RPA Blue Prism with ITSM via web services. Earlier the use case was built on GUI rendering and with ever increasing volume, we have to deploy more Resources to cater the request. Web services integration decreases the time of automation to a large extent.

Zdeněk Kabátek: It wouldn’t be one automation but rather a type of automation where you need to use Blue Prism code stage to achieve something which could not be achieved otherwise. So these would be “integration” automations with various third-party systems like IBM or public registry with specific webservices authentication.

Joshna Dammala: I have implemented many complex automation process, but the one I'm proud of the automation process which involved gathering more than 4000 request per day from different applications (SAP, SharePoint, Web based) where it eased efforts of customers from different global locations increasing performance and accuracy of the whole functionality.

Jerin Jose: My team created RPA as a service product that can deploy end to end Blue Prism infrastructure on cloud with click of a button.  Just put how many runtimes you need and hit it; you will have production ready RPA environment within 3 hours.

Pablo Sarabia: We created a workflow in conjunction with our Business Intelligent department. They created a solid report with strong logics in PowerBI for our users, then with RPA we downloaded the report and created specific tasks for our users. This automation helped us prioritise the work. At night, several batch processes are constantly running to create again the process and prepare the information for the next day.

Devneet Mohanty: While I was working at WNS Global Services, I came across a very complicated project which was from Insurance domain, and it was my first time learning more about it. This process integrated almost 7-8 different applications and that too a cluster of applications ranging from relatively old HTML web applications to case management system along with three mainframes applications.

The best part about this project was that within a month and a half we were able to complete the development and this project helped to reduce the overall process AHT from 45 min per case to around 10-15 min per case for an overall amount of 150 cases per day. This was by far one of the most challenging use cases that I came across but thanks to my Technical Architect and seniors that I was able to deliver such a complicated process in such a short time.

Lesley-Ann Case: The success we’ve achieved with RPA in Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is something I’m particularly proud of. It is hard working as a solo-developer and to be where we are in the 18 months, I’ve been with them is a testament to the team and has really showcased what RPA can do when done well.

And the automation that sparked their curiosity!

Tobias Arnold: The most interesting automation is our mainframe automation. There is a strict guide for implementing a mainframe dialog in our company. The dialog surface is defined in a structured protocol. We hook onto this protocol and don't have to rely on screen positions or length properties. We are able to access the values as key value pairs based on verbose key names. All is wrapped in a VBO and is “faster than light”

Dave Morris: If I have to pick one, I'd say it'd be when I automated a Remote Desktop (RDP) session in order to generate RDS Licensing Usage on an RDS server (basically a server that hosts multiple virtual desktop sessions for users). We tried to find out if it was possible to use PowerShell or some other non-RPA tool to accomplish the same thing, and it appeared as though Microsoft just provides no way to do it through programmatic means. The only way was to open the UI of an app inside the server and click around in it a bit to generate a report to a CSV file. So, I made a Blue Prism automation that launched a Remote Desktop window (MSTSC) and then used entirely Surface Automation techniques including image recognition, send keys, etc. It was Blue Prism v6.x so it was pretty easy to do. That automation runs every week and has been for two years now.

Finally, we have heard some of our MOTM's favorite use cases.

Manpreet Kaur: My favourite use case was when I started exploring the Graph API required to perform several uncommon outlook actions/functions. Every time exploring and consuming API to add new outlook function (e.g., adding colour category, flagging etc.) and getting the desired results was like an achievement since Graph API was very new to the market.

Guilherme Morandini: My favourite use case is when we are able to implement a complete digital transformation within a company, explaining the whole concept of RPA, the benefits it can generate, the adaptations that must be made and how to make this transformation in practice. It's very satisfying when we can implement a project and improve the workflow throughout a whole company.


We've spotlighted the outstanding achievements of our past Members of the Month and now it’s over to you!

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