Ideas Update: Your Comments Are Important – Here’s Why

Community Team
Community Team
This blog is part of the Ideas Update series where SS&C Blue Prism highlights customer ideas and the impact ideas have on the business as they progress through the idea journey. 

Ideas Update: Your Comments Are Important – Here’s Why  

This month I sat down with Rob Nicklin, senior product manager, to discuss why your votes and comments are vital during the idea journey. So please read on to find out how you can get the biggest impact from engaging with our Ideas Portal. 
But first, here are the latest updates. 

You Said It, We Did It 

1 idea delivered: Design - Visibility to Model Usage from Forms Designer  

Submitted by Lorie Humphrey, this idea suggested a feature within the Design Form where you can see which processes the particular form is used in. We’ve introduced new functionality in the Design Studio that promotes visibility to this cross-reference usage. 

16 ideas were reviewed and changed status. 


Current Top Ideas 

Why Your Comments Are Vital 

To have a successful product, we must continuously update and refine it. By involving you – our customers and partners in this process – we’re minimizing the risk of developing a product that might not resonate with you or the market. By collaborating on ideas, you’re helping us understand what your problems are, where we can uncover new possibilities, and how together, we can pave a clearer path to success.  

As well as sharing new ideas, we need you to vote and leave comments. Votes tell us that you support the idea; leaving a comment provides extra context that helps us understand the problem you’re facing and how your organization might struggle without a specific enhancement/process.  


Provide context

Explain the problem you’re facing and how the proposed feature aligns with your automation objectives. Rob Nicklin says, “The most important thing users can do when they raise an idea is to provide context by explaining/signposting the problem they have.” 


Share use cases

Describe scenarios where the feature would prove most beneficial. Rob Nicklin adds, “We always need to track solution-based ideas back to problems that are being experienced to ensure that we’re solving the problem in the way that meets the most customers’ needs – so your idea is more likely to get off to a flying start if you include that from the beginning!”


Offer suggestions

If you don’t support an idea or see its value, we appreciate comments to tell us otherwise. We understand that some organizations require different governance, so while an idea is beneficial for one user, it might cause problems for another. This is how your comments help us assess the impact of an idea.

Encourage others

Respond to existing comments, nurturing a dialogue and supporting ideas that resonate with you. With help from comments and further replies to the product manager’s questions, we should have enough information to further assess the idea.  
So, what's holding you back? Dive into our Ideas Portal and let your voice resonate! Your ideas possess the potential to sculpt the future of intelligent automation, and your comments will provide the depth and nuance our product team craves to breathe life into these concepts.