Jerin Jose: Community member of the month - March

Community Team
Community Team

We are excited to announce our Community member of the month for March


Jerin started his RPA journey as a BluePrism developer before moving to Platform configuration for BluePrism and related tools. Jerin now works as Technical Product Owner for RPA providing ready to use BluePrism infrastructure. Pretty cool!

Jerin has been an MVP in the Blue Prism Community for two years and he has been a big contributor to our Community. Jerin has used his extensive experience to help other members with their questions and was marked best answer twice in March! 

It was great to chat with Jerin and discover some fun facts about him. Check all the answers below!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how did you start in RPA / Blue Prism?

I’m Jerin Jose, working as Technical product owner of MLOps in EY, I started my career in EY as a BluePrism developer.  I've gone from development to RPA infrastructure. But I never lost my focus from development and I used BluePrism to automate redundant tasks of my own.

Most interesting automation using Blue Prism? / Best tip you have learnt for Blue Prism?

Most of the developers find it difficult to understand how things work on the backend, because in most firms development and IT operations will be handled by different teams. What I learned from my experience is that to become the best BluePrism developer one must know how the infrastructure is setup, and how the scheduling and logging works for BluePrism. Most importantly understanding the role of login agent 😊

You clearly know your stuff - why do you come to the Community everyday?

I may know lots of things about BluePrism. But the challenges I face are use-case dependent. There are different challenges faced when automating different applications and processes. When I started my career in development there was no BluePrism Community, I had to work with BluePrism support to resolve issues I faced. I don’t want new members to go through the same struggle. If I know answer to a question posted on Community I’ll jump in to the conversation and post my answer.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I’m a lazy person. I find it very difficult to start working on something. But once I start there is no stopping. I will try to finish the tasks early and then go on hibernation mode 😄

What automation have you been involved with that you’re most proud of?

My team created RPA as a service product that can deploy end to end BluePrism infrastructure on cloud with click of a button.  Just put how many runtimes you need and hit it, you will have production ready RPA environment within 3 hours.

If you could change one thing about Blue Prism, what would it be?

I have submitted few ideas on the Ideation portal already. But a license management server would be a cool feature.

What do you love the most about the Community?

Everyone is ready to help. Community managers are putting great effort into improve the Community experience. The Connections and experiences I get from the Community are priceless.

Tell us about a current hobby.

Movies and series. If I find a series that is interesting I can’t stop until I finish the whole season.

What would you most like to automate that you haven’t been able to yet?

I never got chance to work with mainframe applications. I wanted to experience that.