Jesse Tutt: Community Member of the Month - October

Community Team
Community Team

We are excited to announce our Community Member of the Month for October @jessetutt!



Jesse is a source of knowledge for our community members and shares his insights with our community through in is role as a Community MVP, within our ROM2 Hub and through his involvement with our Local User Groups. Read on to find out Jesse's tip tips and some of his professional highlights! 


What do you want to achieve and an MVP?

My purpose for becoming a MVP is to share knowledge, network with others working in the Intelligent Automation space and to get ideas on future automations.


How do you keep up to date with the latest developments and changes in the industry?

To keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations, my team actively participates in conferences, webinars, workshops, calls with others in the space and by staying engaged with vendors to gain insight on emerging technologies.


What advice would you give someone wanting to become a head of automation?

Always remain curious and never stop learning. The world of Intelligent Automation is continuously evolving. Being open to new ideas, adaptable to change, and having a keen understanding of business processes and requirements are crucial. Lastly, I would suggest focusing on change management and culture.


You were involved in the Canada user group event last week.  Why do you think events like this are so important?

Events like the Canada User Group event foster collaboration, exchange of ideas, and networking – aka “Knowledge and Code Reuse“. Meeting others is the best opportunity to learn from each other's successes and challenges and to push the boundaries of what's possible in the automation world. The people I have met at these networking opportunities help me remain up to date, inspired, and connected with the broader community.


How did you get into an automation career?

I've been passionate about technology for over 22 years and have a background in finding technical solutions for business problems. My journey began in technology and then software development, but I quickly realized the potential of automation in transforming processes and enhancing efficiency. This drew me into the world of Intelligent Automation.  Since then, I've never looked back.


Is there a creative automation you would like to share?

We have quite a few innovative automations. We have freed up the most capacity in HR and have many automations which aid the new hire, termination, offer letter, and other processes.


Tell us a professional achievement you are proud of.

I am most proud of the fact that in a couple of years, we have freed 60 FTE of annual capacity + an additional 66 FTE of one-time capacity through automation. This is a testament to the entire program and organization’s hard work, innovation, and the power of intelligent automation.


Do you do anything to make working from home fun?

My staff are great and organize F2F events every few months.  We also meet face-to-face as often as we can.  Lastly, we have bi-weekly scrum calls in addition to breakouts and automation calls which typically have a portion dedicated to sharing details about us outside of work. 


Do you have any fun names for your Digital Workers?

We sure do. We've named our bots after robots (HAL, Robbie, Tron, Walle, Watson, Sohpie, etc.), then Disney characters (Mulan), then Lord of the Rings (Boromir), Star Wars (Luke, Grogu, Yoda, etc.) and finally have made it to common names.


What do you find useful when you are stuck on something at work?

When I hit a roadblock, I work on something else to take a step back to clear my mind. I am a firm believer in working on multiple things. That said, for really complex problems the most effective way for me to figure out a solution is to go to bed – I often wake with a Eureka moment.


Are there any future automations you are looking to do?

Indeed, this year, our primary focus is on implementing document automation. Additionally, we're exploring clinical automations and also a slick automation to allow managers to clone IT resources for new hires and transfers.


What career advice would you give to yourself at the start of your career if you could?

  1. Stay persistent.
  2. 'No' only means 'not now' so ask again a different way.
  3. Get Organizational Change Management - PROSCI training. 


Tell the community something about yourself you don't think they will know!

I'm a huge digital marketing enthusiast, I used to play in a band, I am a serial entrepreneur and on weekends you will almost always find me camping & fishing with my wife and kids.


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