Let Capture Do the Hard Work of Capturing Your Process Documentation


Capture uses AI-driven task extraction to map ‘as is’ processes, gathering all the necessary information and screenshots, automatically creating a Process Definition Document (PDD). What’s more, the PDDs generated by Capture are editable allowing for further modification and optimization. And they can be given straight to development for build.  



 Here are just some of the benefits Capture gives you at no additional cost. 


  • Generates process flows, screenshots, and supporting information of the ‘as-is’ process.  
  • Automatically generates a Blue Prism XML process skeleton.  
  • Reduces automation time by 25%.  
  • You can review, customize and optimize the process, then export the PDD in Word, and the process map in PDF and Visio.  
  • Downloadable via the Blue Prism portal.  

Capture is the fastest way to create PDDs, helping you deploy automation sooner, shortening your time to value. And Capture is free to use for all Blue Prism customers.  










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