Power Up: Presentation and Negotiation Skills

Power Up: Presentation and Negotiation Skills – How do you take your career to where you want to be?

This Power Up series is dedicated to providing information on topics our WIRPA Community wanted to hear about from our survey. Please PowerUP with us!

Have you ever had that sinking feeling after accepting a job you didn’t negotiate the salary for? Have you felt the frustration of not being promoted despite taking on a higher workload? Sharpening up on your negotiation and presentation skills are essential to propelling your career and salary forward. According to the
Harvard Business Review, ‘compared with men, women are less likely to be aware of, and are more uncomfortable expressing, their value in dollars.’ Preparation for these conversations at both the hiring stage and when you feel you’re due a raise or promotion is essential.

Sometimes it can feel like a mystery as to what everyone else is earning, and impossible to know what salary you should negotiate for.
Ladies Get Paid is a free network to tap into that provides the tools, resources, and community to help women negotiate for equal pay, and power in the workplace.

Next time you need to negotiate a salary remember:

1. The first salary offered is seldom the highest on offer.
2. Know your worth and what your non-negotiables are.
3. Take your time to negotiate a salary package, it can take days or weeks!

What's are your negotiation tips?