Why You Can’t Miss Our Next Product Update Webinar

Last week, we had the pleasure of flying the banner of SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation magic with some of our incredible customers at Deliver, SS&C’s flagship conference in Austin, Texas.
On top of the fun we had with a lot (and I mean a lot) of cowboy hats, we also had the pleasure of presenting some very exciting updates around our products and technology.
We didn’t want you to miss out, so we’ve planned three webinars (available in your time zones) where we’ll share this with you and answer all of your burning questions.

What's In Store:

Gen AI revolution:

Discover the power of generative AI (gen AI) and intelligent automation (IA) working in perfect harmony. We've harnessed the potential of AI to supercharge your automation projects. Imagine automating complex tasks effortlessly, making quicker, data-driven decisions and accelerating your development process. It's all within reach!

Next Gen platform:

Introducing the Next Generation of automation platforms! Say goodbye to the hassles of managing and upgrading infrastructure. Our cloud-native intelligent automation platform offers a seamless blend of on-premises control and cloud-based management. Experience the best of both worlds without compromising security and efficiency.

Chorus BPM evolution:

Modernize without disruptions! We've bridged the gap between older releases and new capabilities, ensuring feature parity across the board. Imagine a more flexible, customizable interface and intuitive communications applications that enhance productivity and customer satisfaction.

SS&C Blue Prism 7.3 enhancements:

Witness the future with Smart Vision in SS&C Blue Prism 7.3. Your digital workers will now have human-like vision, adapting to changes effortlessly. Experience faster development, reduced maintenance and more robust automations – all at your fingertips.

Hear from Banner Health’s visionary use of IA:

Discover how Banner Health has leveraged intelligent automation to transform patient care and how they’ve developed cutting-edge solutions like their custom deep-learning model and how they’ve seamlessly integrated multiple applications.

Save the Date: November 16, 2023

Session 1 : Asia Pacific (2 p.m. SGT)

Session 2 : Europe (10 a.m. GMT)

Session 3 : Americas (2 p.m. EST)


Bonus Content

Meet a few of our customers who’ve had a glimpse at our upcoming innovations and see what they think.