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Level 12
Status: Not Planned

Hi folks,

Due to a sudden rise in the popularity to launch ideas for the Chorus BPM product, I find it important for the continued use of the Ideation part of the community pages to be able not only to filter on Category, as we already can, but to automatically apply the filter every time I log into the Ideation pages. 

While Chorus BPM may be a product of particular interest to many, I have no clue what it is or does, nor am I interested to know about it. These new Chorus BPM ideas do however currently block the view of the first six or so Ideation pages, forcing me and everybody else to either click my way past it or apply my Category filter - EVERY TIME.

The category filter typically favored by me would be:

37234.png...and I would like to see the categories chosen to be automatically applied every times I visit these pages. As everybody needs to login to get to this page, I guess fixing this hiccup would be far from rocket science - but that's my opinion.
Keeping in mind BP started out as a company to automate repetitive tasks, hopefully this can be implemented as soon as humanly possible...

Meanwhile: happy coding!

Level 12
Needless to say that the not automatic application of my fav categories has bothered me all along, the current Chorus BP situation made it urgent.
Level 12
BTW: Wouldn't it be great to even split Ideation into its own category?
Community Team
Community Team

Hi Paul, thanks for sharing your idea.

We've reviewed your idea and the team has agreed that while we aren't able to implement a permanent filter, you are able to select filters and save the URL as a favourite to quickly go back to those filters next time. 

We’ve mark your idea as not planned but we’ll review this again in the future.

Many thanks,