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Level 12
Status: Not Planned
In order to bring newly published ideas in the Ideation pages to the attention of a larger part of the community folks: automatically mirror each new Ideation entry in the community pages. Do not cater for comments or any interaction, only publish the idea.
Community Team
Community Team
Hi Paul, 

Thank you for sharing your idea. As a team we discussed the value this will add to the community pages and ideation and decided it's not the best approach to draw engagement to ideas. This is because we would prefer to ensure users can ask for support and discuss problems they're facing. We do however have a widget at the bottom of every community that displays an idea which we think still gives ideas enough visibility without taking away the purpose of each community. 
Thank you again, 
Level 12
In that case I wonder if there is another type of activity planned that would increase focus on the Ideation pages?

I reckon if you'd study the variety of voters, it would be a limited core of community attendees. If so, which I intuitively assume is the case, that would mean a wider audience has to be pointed in the direction of the Ideation pages.

The basics of my idea were not to do exactly as I proposed. It was merely an attempt to increase focus and voting on new ideas.