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Status: Reviewed

Hi Folks,

When someone asks a question on this community, and I answer it, my signature pops up below. I find this very handy, extremely convenient, and quite polite.

When I do the same on what you call an open-ended question, my signature will not pop up, and the panel leaves it up to me to be rude and don't include my happy signature, or be polite and do the work myself.

As I out of principle prefer to not be rude, but also hate to repeat trivial things occurring on a daily basis, I'd like my signature to pop up on whatever type of post I'm answering.

Could this highly advanced functionality be implemented on this community?

Happy coding!

The same seems to be true on this very 'Submit Idea' panel that does not ask for my signature. True ti not being rude, I added it manually.


Totally agree. At one point in earlier times, I suggested merging Question and Discussion in a single thread, but the idea got rejected by the team during the review. I personally don't see a need to have separate DQuestion and Discussion. This can simply be merged to give users a unified experience.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Paul, I agree I think this would be a good idea as it will help people looking for help feel more confident with the answers given if they can see the person responding is an expert in x, y, and z.

I've submitted this feature request to our platform provider and I've marked this idea as reviewed. 

Thanks for your feedback.