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Community Team
Community Team

Tools and trials to help you accelerate

SS&C Blue Prism can be enhanced through a variety of add-ons, and we've worked together with our community to create handy tools that can help you work smarter. 

You can find a full overview of our products, tools and add-ons here, along with their supporting documentation, community forums and download links. 

3rd party tools used by our top community members

Our community experts have also shared their favorite 3rd party tools and software they use to support their automation programs. See the list here.

If you get stuck and need help...

There are a variety of options available to you to get past any blockers you're facing:

  • Ask our Getting Started community for help with any setup, deployment or technical blockers
  • Ask your Account Manager for help with any account based issues, such as your subscription or license key information
  • Reach out to our Support Team for expert help with any bugs, errors or problems that require urgent assistance.


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