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Blue Prism 7.1.1 UI Login Slowness

Level 5
Hi Everyone,

I am facing Slowness issue while logging to Blue Prism 7.1.1 interface. When I click on login via Active Directory it takes more than 10 seconds to log in to the Blue Prism Application. This was not the case for Blue Prism 6.8 version, it was very quick in 6.8.

I have tried possible way to improve the performance by following Troubleshooting - Single sign-on still it is slow. I have manually mapped the domain in Database by following the above documentation but it is still not improving much. Previously it takes more than 10 sec to get into the Blue Prism main page, and now after applying above fix it takes 5 sec, half the time but it is still not quick. I understand that it queries all the domain within forest level but We need a fix so that we can get response time as quick as or more quicker than 6.8 version. Any help will be appreciated, Please comment if you are still facing slowness issue and let me know if you have a fix.


Abhishek Kumar

Hi @Abhishek Kumar,

It might be possible due to slow connectivity between the database and the app server connection. Did you check the response time of it?​

Manpreet Kaur


Well that is not the case here as we upgraded the same 6.8 DB to 7.1 and even we tested the same with SQL express DB which is kind of local to machine but same issue.

May I know if you are using 7.1.1 and login is instant in your case? Because I have tried with multiple machine, multiple databases


Abhishek Kumar

Hi Abhishek,

We have a new Knowledge Base article about this scenario that may be helpful for your stated scenario here:
"How do I troubleshoot login failure/performance issues after upgrading to Blue Prism Enterprise v7.1?"

I'd recommend to review and implement the steps within as a first step, and if you're still experiencing issues after trying the suggestions, to open a ticket with Support for follow-up.

Steve Boggs
Senior Product Support Engineer
Blue Prism
Austin, TX