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Blue Prism Training Now Available on Azure Marketplace

Level 5
A 30-day free fully-functional trial of Blue Prism is now available on Microsoft Azure! Blue Prism has never charged for non-production / training licenses, but you do need somewhere to host the environment. To support training, some customers create a VDI/SQL-express package to deploy locally on a trainees existing work computer. Other customer host central training VDIs that are recycled for new trainees.

Blue Prism course such as Product Induction, Foundations Training, and the Advanced Consolidation Exercises are found on the BP Portal under the Learning tab. These free training courses populate your local PC or server-based environments with coursework, templates, and test applications. This training is available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese.

The new cloud trial offers a single-instance, cloud-based free trial of Blue Prism on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. Intended for short-term use, the trial is an easy, quick-start deployment to introduce your users to Blue Prism through 10 new labs. This is a great way to socialize the capabilities of Blue Prism without traditional training overhead. This is also a great way to leverage online trainings such as this “Introducing Blue Prism” course by Symphony Ventures.

Introducing Blue Prism

An Azure subscription is required to access the new cloud-based trial. However, Microsoft offers 1 year of Azure for free! Marchela Bozhilova at Symphony Ventures filmed this great video showing how to setup a free Azure account with Blue Prism.

More information including a start-up guide can be found on the Digital Exchange at

A direct link to the Azure Marketplace can be found at


Level 2
​Hi Josh,

Thank you very much for the post. I could see to access Blueprism with Azure still first we need to download Blueprism software from portal. However for learning purpose and with personal email id registration i think its not possible to download software from portal. Any other workaround for this ?

Thanks again.

Level 5

If you follow the video instructions then Blue Prism, along with the training labs, will load into Azure. You should not need to download anything from the BP Portal. If you are running into an issue with this then just drop a note to and they can get you fixed up.


Level 5

The Azure trial is self-contained. You don't need to download anything for that. Downloading the software from the BP portal for use outside of Azure is a whole different thing. I can open the download and provide a 60 day license if you are registered on the BP portal with a company email address. You don't need to be a customer for this but the company email address is the important. Blue Prism's EULA is drafted for companies and not personal use. However, there should be an option for this shortly. 


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Hi Josh,

Few months ago I created a VM using your trial from Azure Marketplace without any problem. However, since last week I am trying to create a new VM but at this time, once the machine is created and the Blue Prism setup starts, the following message appears:

"Invoke -WebRequest: BlobNotFoundThe specified blob does not exist....."

do you know why is this happening?