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Evaluate flag - bug

Level 2
I am using BP 6.10.3. When evaluating a flag it always shows value as True, also when it is False. This seems to be a bug coming from previous versions (see here somebody who found this in 6.10.1

I checked the known bugs and release notes but I haven't found any mention about this issue. I don't know how to inform the BP team about bugs, therefore I have created this thread.

Steps to recreate the issue:
Create a Flag variable and set tha value to False
Add a calculation stage and evaluate the flag during a debug session

Michele Lobina

Level 11
Hi @MicheleLobina

I think, for this kind of issues, the best way is to contact with the BP ​Support team, here you have the email:

Hope this helps you!

See you in the Community, bye 🙂

Pablo Sarabia
Solution Manager & Architect
Altamira Assets Management

Yeah, I've also seen this in 6.10.4. The decision behaves correctly but the bug is only with the evaluate window.

Basically, the Temporary value is not getting updated as per the current value of the flag.

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Thanks & Regards,
Tejaskumar Darji
Sr. Consultant-Technical Lead

hello - I am using 7.0.0  and i am also noticing this bug.  flag is true but still going through No path.

any solution to this?

Neeraj Kumar
Technical Architect