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Have you got a myth in need of busting?

Community Team
Community Team
We're on an intelligent automation myth-busting mission on LinkedIn. We want to make sure we're busting the right myths. And guess what? You're the experts on the ground who can uncover the right topics. 
What do you want to set the record straight on? Have you come across any surprising myths or misunderstandings about intelligent automation you want to clear up? What's one thing you wish more people knew? 
Let us know below and we might debunk your myth over on our LinkedIn channel.

Grace Lanser
Community Associate
Blue Prism


Hello, topic suggestion:

Myth: Automation replaces the need for digital transformation
My opinion: RPA is one of the parts of digital transformation, but it is not a unique solution, where we can have other complementary solutions in addition to RPA in order to achieve the objective of digitalization in the best way, or even in stages prior to the use of RPA. Digital transformation typically involves several changes in culture and organizational structure, as well as the integration of technologies, where RPA is one of them, but not the only one and if we use process mining, ML, document digitization, continuous improvement, UX Builder and integration with tools tends to be even better.


Leonardo Soares
RPA Developer Tech Leader
Bridge Consulting
Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil