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Identify IE/Chrome/Edge Objects and Dependency Processes

Level 4

Currently we are working on Migration projects

  • Internet explorer to Microsoft Edge browser
  • Chrome MV2 to MV3


For this we need to identify the list of objects and processes that are using Internet explorer, chrome and edge. To find these processes manually is a tedious task. 

So, we are checking is Blueprism have any tool to provide the list of objects and dependency processes in excel file?

Arjun Gowda
Software Developer
Shell India

Level 9
Refer to the following Blue Prism DX assets.

Process for Manifest v3 Impact Assessment Utility

Provides a view of VBOs that are impacted by the new Manifest v3 standard for Chromium-based browsers.

Process for IE Mode Conversion Assistant

Essential utility for migrating IE objects to Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Mode.

Function for Application Modeller Conversion Tool

Enables quick bulk conversion of application modeller elements and attributes from one mode to another e.g. Internet Explorer to Chrome.

Process for Internet Explorer to Chrome Conversion Report

A Blue Prism Process that will analyse the Internet Explorer Business Objects and produce a report.

Bohyon Hwang

Hi Arjun,

I've used to below method to get the report of the process and object and their dependency, If you want application-wise (chrome, edge, IE) you can create your own query to get the report


If any efficient way plz let me know, Happy Learning 🙂

Software Engineer | RPA Developer
Thanks Prasanth Software Engineer | RPA Developer