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MS Outlook - Check Names Action

Level 4

I'd like to know the community opinion on the best method to perform below mentioned task in Outlook.

1. Open 'New Mail'
2. Enter a value (name or user id) in 'To Address' field.
3. Click on 'Check Names' action.
4. Copy the mail id loaded in 'To Address' field.

I'd like to get a clarification on if spying outlook is fine or should I stick to code stage approach.
Also, kindly let me know the benefit of code stage approach as the Outlook VBO actions are using code stages.

Arun K J
Consultant - Automation Developer
WonderBotz India Pvt. Ltd.

Level 12
Hi Arun,

That decision is depending on company policy as well as how the Robotics developer group is set up.

In my place of work, the 'soft' policy is to avoid code stages as best we can. The reason for this is that we have very few programmers working as Robotics developers. By avoiding code stages, we are able to solve any problem that pops up without having to go and look for a programmer to help us to analyze and adjust the code stage.

If you're a consultant out working at the customer, then the customer will have to decide if coding is ok. 

That said, not everything can be done easily or speedily by sticking to BP native stages. In some cases memory consumption or speed of processing may dictate using code stages in favor of going BP native. Such cases have to be taken up by the customer who has the ultimate vote.

I remember over twenty years ago being taken aside by the IT manager where I just started as a consultant-programmer. He told me to stick to the old dialect of the programming language used at that place, instead of using a much newer version. Mockingly I agreed to do so, after all he was the customer and I only the consultant. Only a few years later we were embarking on a new project where we would be using techniques that were not supported by the old dialect. Reluctantly I got the IT manager's permission to build that in the new dialect.

Happy coding!
Happy coding!
Paul, Sweden
(By all means, do not mark this as the best answer!)