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New! Generic Data Table Filter Utility Component published to Digital Exchange!

Hello Blue Prism Community,

As most of us know, we have several out of the box Collection manipulation actions available in Blue Prism. That said, almost every collection operation requires us to output the results into a collection. And if we perform several operations on a collection using two or more of these Collection manipulation activities, then we need to output results to one collection or the other on every step. 

What if you want to perform multiple filter operations on your collection before you output the results?  If so you may want to check out the latest component I published to the Digital Exchange here.

If you have a relatively wide collection with several types of fields, then you can query this collection by writing filter conditions that will allow you to do several things in a single step such as:

  1. Combine several conditions using the AND and OR operators
  2. Query columns containing spaces or special characters in their names
  3. Perform inline data conversions when specifying filter criteria
  4. Query Date-like columns to extract data based on date ranges
  5. Retrieve only the filtered data count without having to fetch the filtered data
  6. Return all columns or just a subset of columns of the original data set
  7. Use the DISTINCT operator to return a set of distinct filtered rows
  8. Sort results in a specific order using the ASC and DESC operators

The companion documentation comes with at least one example that demonstrates the capabilities listed above. Check it out! And I'm hoping this helps you in your projects!


Prashanth (Andy) Menon


Level 10
Very cool, thanks for sharing, this will help me with developments.

Leonardo Soares
RPA Developer Tech Leader
Bridge Consulting
Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil

Thank you for the feedback Leonardo! I'm glad that it will help you! 


Prashanth (Andy) Menon