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Resource PC Lock Issue

Level 4

Hello Community,

We are running a Scheduled BOT. This automation involves two application.

The 1st one is a Web based application, where we need to download an excel report.

The 2nd one is a Windows/desktop Application (an SFTP Application), using which we need to upload the excel.

The 1st phase takes around 2hr to process and download the report, which is going good. While bot is working on the sftp application, the server is getting locked and stops executing.

Kindly advise, if there any way to keep the serer unlocked and proceed with the execution. 

Also advise if there is nay way the server can keep working even after getting locked.

Thank you.

Simanchala Pattanayak
Lead Solution Advisor
Deloitte USI

Level 12

Hi Simanchala,

What server gets locked, the one running the process, the one where the XL file is on, or the one where the XL file is being sent to?

Does the server also get locked if you manually do the second part?

What does the job log say?

Happy coding!
Happy coding!
Paul, Sweden
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Hi Simanchala, If you could show some more details in terms of servers, files either multiple downloads or single download and when do you decide the file is ready for upload and schedule for these two process - If these are multiple files that are being downloaded and are uploaded simultaneously upon download or is it a single bulk file which is locked by the Bot1.

Typically a segregation of folders should be kept neatly - for all the downloaded file should be placed under dedicated done folder and those which in current download should go by default in downloads folders and only  dedicated done folder should be considered as the root path folder for uploading. 

Also for the upload file - if its a bulk file just place a empty Done.txt file after the after the main file - and wait until the Done.txt file appears as uploaded before uploading similar files.

It would be easy to understand the query if there are more details around it, try doing it manually - have dedicated files folders for download and on upload part place Done.txt file alongside the main file and wait for the Done.txt file before uploading another round of files, a neat segregation might help your case.

Mukesh Kumar


Mukesh Kumar