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PDF extraction with checkbox field

Hi All,Can you assist me in finding a solution to extract data from a PDF without relying on external applications, as my organization requires the use of only Blue Prism approved objects and native tools?I have attempted using Global Send Keys, but ...


BluePrism Scheduler Retried Job Executed

Hi, Is there anyone faced this issue with the retried schedule job? I have a scheduled task to execute on daily basis at 4am, due to another activity I had retried the schedule, and eventually the job did not execute. However, when I unretired the sc...

Dynamic text to Collection name

Hi!I need some help with a collection with more than 1 dimension. I need to sort into that collection, but the values I need to get are dynamically obtained by a JSON (I used the JSON for collection action).The result is a collection that has the nex...

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How to attach image in body of the mail.

HI,We are trying to insert a image within the body of email using Email-POP3/SMTP VBOWe have tried these logics in body of the send message action:"<html><p><img src="&[Attachment Path]&"> name </img><p><html>" and also "<html><p><img id="&"ImageID"&...


Learning Edition Password

Hello everyone!I am new to the Blue Prism Foundations training course on Coursera, and I am having some trouble logging in. Once I installed and opened Blue Prism Learning Edition (7.3 - the latest version) on my laptop running Windows 11 Pro, I was ...

Native Messaging Host launch delay in Chrome

Hello All,We are in the process of moving automations from Blue Prism 6.6 to 7.1.2, but I've come across an issue with Chrome and the Native Messaging Host. Automations that normally worked in 6.6 generate an exception when launching in 7.1.2 in Stud...

7.1 update - messaging host - unknown browser type

Hi all,Looking for some advice. We've upgraded to v7.1 tom 6.8, but have an issue with the messaging host connecting up to Chrome. Some of our virtual machines work ok, but some don't, and I can't see any reason for the difference.When I try to launc...

Resolved! Could not find installable ISAM.

Hello All,Need your expert opinion here.  I am using Data OLEDB Utility to connect to excel, I am providing following connection string as data item, and each time it is giving me "Could not find installable ISAM" error. I have tried to pass connecti...

Config file vs Database

Hi - I want to store some values from previous automation run so that I can use them as a starting point for the next automation run. Is it a better option to create a csv/json file to store those values or can those values be stored anywhere in Blue...

mouse scroll for a web page

Hi,  I am trying to reach to specific line on a web page where page down, page up , upward and downward key doesnt work, currently the only option we have is mouse scroll, can some one suggest what is the key stoke for mouse scroll-------------------...

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