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Resolved! Unable to double click link - tried several solutions

Hi all, I'm facing an issue where I need to double click a link on a dynamically-found link that will open up a document. This was previously working in IE (and IEMode in Edge), but I've been working on migrating it to chrome. This is the only elemen...

Can not see any data into Blue Prism Dashboard

Hi, I am not getting any data into Blue Prism out of the box Tiles. I have tried selecting different Work queues (also leaving blank) and other settings but not getting any data at all. I can see "Queue Volumes Now" but cannot see anything in: - A...

ERROR: Internal : Execution Timeout Expired.

Hello, I am trying to run a query looking for the completed items in the QW, but I get this error. Currently there are 4644 elements in the Work Queue, previously when there were less elements in the work queue this error did not occur.

WQ Error2.png WQ Error1.png

Communication between Bot's

Good day Team, Trust you had a wonderful festive season so far. I had a single Bot / VM on the BPC platform that manages about 18 processes of which some of them are dependent on each other. I have now been provided with a second Bot/VM, to share the...

API call with .PEM and .KEY file

Hi All,Using the HTTP load certificate I am able to pass my certificate and get the certification ID.When I call 3 rd party API URL using the certification ID. I am getting the following error. Error Message : {"errorCode":40005,"message":"No require...


Utility - HTTP Request Multipart File Size Limitations

I'm using the "HTTP Request Multipart" action in the latest version of the "Utility - HTTP" object downloadable from Digital Exchange. It works really well! However, I'm wondering if anyone knows the size limit of files passed in this action (using t...

jdx0751 by Level 4
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Resolved! Control Room

Hi folks,In the Control Room tutorial, I have to drag the process to the digital worker. In the App it shows my PC as the digital worker and is greyed out. In the tutorial video it shows the digital worker as BP0481 and is highlighted. I can't contin...