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This community covers the Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM®)

Welcome to the Robotic Operating Model Community!

Share tips, queries and advice on adopting the Robotic Operating Model (ROM®). A proven implementation methodology that enables customers to successfully launch, maintain, and scale your Digital Workforce.

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The Robotic Operating Model (ROM) is Blue Prism’s industry leading approach to successfully deliver maximum business benefit through the scaled deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It has been developed based on more than a decade of experience and knowledge of deploying Blue Prism at scale in countries and industries across the globe. The ROM has been designed to integrate fully with an organization's existing change management systems, thereby removing the need for additional procedural and governance obligations. Check out the ROM Service Model.
The ROM has no cost associated with it, it's absolutely free.
You can access the ROM by visiting the Blue Prism Portal, or click here.
The ROM does not have a free trial, but you may want to check out our Process Automation Tool and Capture offerings.
The ROM is available to all Blue Prism Customers with an active Blue Prism Portal account.

Are you new to Blue Prism? We are calling all new users to learn about the ROM. 

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  • Hello @Bohyon Hwang , I don't believe the ROM specifically calls out AV software as a must or must-not. It's up to the individual organizations to decide how to layout their specific security policy under Governance. I would suggest that having AV software ...

  • Hello All, As a part of my masters' thesis, I have created a survey - "User Feedback on RPA implementation" for professionals practicing RPA. The main purpose of my survey is to collect data related to the current usage and challenges facing by ...

  • Hi @Hannah Aldredge , It totally depends on the organization structure and their infrastructure requirements I would say. In my experience​, I have worked with firms where they initially had like each separate service user accounts for each of the developer ...

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  • Hi Lourdes, Whilst not answering your question, I'm keen to understand the use case behind you retrospectively wanting to produce an SDD? I'm just thinking that the solution design is usually a mandatory artefact in the delivery methodology, so would ...

  • Hi Barry - to add to Bruce's point, although technically you can install all licenses in both environments, contractually you should be careful not to 'double up' and have all 6 licenses in use in both environments, ie 12 in use at the same time. Technically ...

  • Hi Barry, In addition to John's comments I would just add that some of the high level considerations for upgrading BP are captured in the following document which may be useful. ...


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