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  • Posted in: Learning Community

    I am unable to access online learning pages on Blue Prism. I have tried navigating to them from different places, including the links provided on the front pages of this community. The only link that works from there, is the link to Digital Exchange to ... More

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    BP DB Archiving

    Does anyone has experience to create DB archive script to transfer entire data from BP database to another database? ------------------------------ SeeAnn Loh Senior Programmer Jabil Asia/Kuala_Lumpur ------------------------------ More

  • Hi Roger unfortunately there are very few 'context' functions available to a process or object, and none to enable your idea. I've previously raised this issue via an internal enhancement request and you can do the same here . When enough people 'up ... More

  • Check the process is published and can be run manually from Control Room. ------------------------------ John Carter Professional Services Blue Prism ------------------------------ More

  • 1) Set a Break Point first, then right click again and select Break Point Condition. In the expression editor, create an expression such as [My Value]=10 to define the condition. See the Help for more explanation of how the condition will be met. 2) ... More

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This would make the web element identification for Chrome more precise, as we could define what element ...
Currently Blue prism has retry logic for schedules that were missed due to unavailability of resources.However ...
As we all see while using any Exception stage we can mark "What type of Exception it is" and "What this ...


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