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  • Posted in: Community Chat

    This year has been unprecedented in every sense of the word, we've had to figure out new ways of overcoming hurdles and connecting the world around us. Figuring out how to collaborate with teams from a ...

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  • Posted in: India GCC

    Analytics and Automation are two vital cogs that drive digital transformation. These technologies, when democratized and adopted across an organization, can drive huge efficiencies and create a culture ...

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  • Posted in: Blue Prism For Good

    Hi everyone! Today, we would like to share with you all the amazing things that happened within Blue Prism For Good as as we close out FY20! 2020 in numbers This year, globally we’ve raised a total ...

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Can we create a mobile app where we can see all our process , robots , status and can Monitor the process ...
A collection field is used on a page while the collection data item is kept on the Main Page. When you ...
For community mailbox there is no option to filter unread messages. There is just a button on the top ...

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