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 Register to the event In this webinar, Dave and Silvia will unravel the diverse landscape of automation adoption across Europe. From the pioneering initiatives in Germany and Sweden to the nuanced challenges in Southern Europe — this session promises to uncover the regional intricacies of automation, discussing job displacement, upskilling and collaboration for transformative impact. Key takeaways: Diverse approaches to automation adoption across Europe: Dave and Silvia will discuss how various European nations approach automation differently yet share common objectives. Whether it's Germany's precision engineering or Sweden's innovation hubs, each country brings its flair. Understanding the spectrum: They’ll cover the importance of comprehending the unique challenges and opportunities encountered by different European countries. From regulatory frameworks to cultural factors, each nation's journey with automation is distinct and warrants a tailored approach. Collaboration for collective growth: Collaboration emerges as a central theme, as Dave and Silvia stress the significance of sharing best practices and insights. By fostering an environment of collaboration, they advocate for ensuring that the benefits of automation are inclusive and accessible to all. Learning from each other: Lastly, they offer invaluable lessons gleaned from the diverse approaches to robotic process automation (RPA). Whether it's drawing inspiration from Scandinavian innovation or navigating the intricacies of Mediterranean markets, there are rich insights to be gained from cross-cultural exchanges. Join us to gain fresh perspectives, actionable insights and a renewed appreciation for the transformative power of automation in Europe. >> Register Now