Meet the SS&C Blue Prism MVP Team

Find and connect with Blue Prism's “Most Valued Professionals”, our kind-hearted family of intelligent automation professionals volunteering their time to make our community better for everyone.

What is an MVP?

  • MVPs are the sort of people who enjoy helping others understand (and succeed with) intelligent automation.
  • They're recognized and celebrated by SS&C Blue Prism for their technical expertise, thought leadership, creativity in automation and love for our field of work.
  • MVPs get exclusive access to industry insight briefings, product roadmap sessions, Community features and more.
  • MVP Candidate Requirements

Why Join the MVPs

If you're the kind of person who feels a need to help others, loves spreading the brilliance of intelligent automation and wants deeper insights into the future of automation technologies - this is for you.

Being an MVP is a fantastic way to:

  • Build your personal brand and reputation within the intelligent automation space.
  • Give back to the intelligent automation community.
  • Empower others to succeed in their careers.
  • Grow your professional network.
  • Get exclusive access to insights, upcoming features and content creation opportunities at SS&C Blue Prism.

How Do I Become an MVP?

You can either nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else. Either way, you'll need to:

  • Have some experience using SS&C Blue Prism products.
  • Demonstrate an enthusiasm for helping others to succeed in the field of intelligent automation.
  • Be willing and able to commit at least 5 hours every month to take part in the program.

You'll also need to have a formal relationship with SS&C Blue Prism - be it as a customer, a partner, a student or a member of staff.

MVPs commit to joining the program for 1 year after applying and passing a short interview with the SS&C Blue Prism Community Team.

Meet the 2024 MVPs

  • mwulff

  • Rafeeq__Mohammad

  • faheemsd

  • sastharpa

  • JedEvans1

  • kirtimaantalwar

  • Mukeshh_k

  • michaeloneil

  • shreya.khot

  • Mohamad_747

  • Tejaskumar_Darji

  • Neel1

  • grbanares

  • EmersonF

  • devneetmohanty07

  • Asilarow

  • vaiku93

  • Jignesh-JK

  • mhadubiak

  • jessetutt


  • NileshJadhavBP

  • Daniel_Sanhueza

  • rsrivastava2

  • LeonardoSQueiroz

  • GuilhermeMorandini

  • harish.mogulluri

  • wagnervasconceloos

  • _Amlansahoo

  • zdenek.kabatek

  • Athiban_Mahamathi